Knowledge in Panama

A unique personal growth experience in the heart of the Americas


KNOWLEDGE IN PANAMA is a consortium of public and private universities, nonprofit foundations and government institutions involved in higher education and research in the Republic of Panama. We bring to NAFSA an outstanding academic offer that, in addition to the country’s appeal, make Panama a great location for a unique personal growth experience. 

From engineering to business and from language education to experiential learning, you will find in Panama a wide range of opportunities in traditional academic disciplines as well as areas in which the country has significant competitive advantages, such as water sciences and environment, merchant marine fleet management or research in tropical diseases.


The Museum of Biodiversity, designed by Canadian architect Frank Gehry. In the background, the skycrapers of the modern city of Panama

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  • Why Panama?

    Because Panama is on the move. This small country with 4 million inhabitants, located in the heart of the Americas, has become a global services platform. In addition to its strengths in logistics, banking, trade and tourism, the Republic of Panama has become the main center for humanitarian international organizations and NGOs in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its capital, “Central America’s audacious metropolis,” is a magnet for international talent and a center for education and research in niche fields, due to its prosperity, safety, cultural diversity and rich biodiversity.

  • Visitors will find a fantastic blend of urban life and nature, access to the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, and a year-round calendar of outdoor activities. Over 30 local universities and several foreign business schools create a dynamic academic landscape. Also, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute has been exploring the rainforest of Panama for over a century. More recently, the Gorgas Memorial Research Institute, the Institute for Scientific Research and High Technology Services of Panama (INDICASAT), and the Water Center for the Humid Tropics of Latin America and the Caribbean (CATHALAC) are remarkable examples of the country’s growing R&D potential.

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Students from de University of South Florida visiting Emberá indigenous villages

Participating Institutions

  • Only a few minutes away from the center of Panama City and strategically located alongside the Panama Canal, City of Knowledge houses a thriving international community where academic, scientific, humanistic and corporate institutions collaborate to further human and sustainable development, based on knowledge. 

  • City of Knowledge offers customized faculty-led study abroad, service learning and short research programs, in addition to internships, which help to advance the development of partnerships between the scientific, academic, and business communities, supported by a network of more than 150 affiliates.

    Foreign universities have the possibility to offer their academic programs to Latin American students, with a minimum up front investment, by using the on-demand platform of facilities and services provided in Panama by the City of Knowledge (classrooms, auditoriums, dorms, sports areas and more).


"The Panama Canal and its Architectural Legacy" exhibition at the City of Knowledge

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 Phone: (507) 306 3700 • E-mail address: | Website:

  • Universidad del Istmo

    The Universidad del Istmo, founded in 1987, is among the best universities in the Republic of Panama. It has 9 Educational Centers, located in the provinces of the country and its main campus located in Panama City. Students are benefited by the programs offered in Logistics Administration, Maritime Business Administration and those studying in the faculties of Administrative and Financial Sciences, Education and Communication, Law and Political Sciences and Engineering and Information Technology.

    The Universidad del Istmo is a virtual learning pioneer, sponsored by the Ilumno Network, an international network of prestigious institutions of higher education that share the dream of transforming education and improving lives by offering face-to-face, distance and virtual programs.

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  • Technological University of Panama

    The Technological University of Panama (UTP) is the highest ranked university in Panama and the leading national engineering research institution, serving as a center of reference and expertise. We offer our international partners academic exchange, research internships, a Language Center and short internships in engineering.

  • Academy: UTP has over 56,475 alumni; 1,520 professors, 1,852 administrative staff, 21,470 students, and 129 programs in different levels, six academic departments – civil, electrical, industrial, mechanical, computer system engineering, and science and technology.

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Aris Castillo de Valencia, International Affairs UTP - IAESTE Panama National Secretary   •   Phone: (507) 560 3201   E-mail address: | Website: •

  • International Maritime University of Panama

  • The International Maritime University of Panama is the most important university of Latin America in the marine sector. Located in Panama City, just below the Bridge of the Americas, UMIP acts as the academic branch of the Panamanian Government. It prepares the best-paid professionals in the region. More than 13,000 ships pass through the Panama Canal every year. Panamanian ports receive the same number of calls annually, whilst the Panamanian administration flags over 8,000 vessels coming from ship-owners worldwide. These and other national advantages are used to prepare our syllabus and curriculum.

    Our international partnership includes over 25 institutions from all over the world covering all areas in the maritime field. We prepare students to become professionals; to sail with well-recognized shipping companies and to work in the best port terminal groups. Our marine biology students have a unique opportunity to learn about two oceans, as they can move from the Atlantic to the Pacific in just 1.5 hours. Our naval engineers are trained to repair ships. Our marine simulators are second to none in Latin America.

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Phone: (507) 520-0301 / (507) 520-0193 • E-mail address: • Website:

  • Quality Leadership University

  • Quality Leadership University is a private Panamanian university founded in 1998 with the objective of educating more and better leaders and professionals who will actively contribute to the development of the region. QLU provides Semester Abroad and Short Term Study Abroad Programs for many universities from the USA and around the world. QLU has cooperation and dual degree agreements with University of Louisville, Florida International University, Towson University, Illinois State University, Universidad de Chile and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Visiting students can also earn academic credit from QLU and some of the partner universities.

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Oscar León • Phone: (507) 264 0777 •  E-mail address: • Website:

  • Secretaría Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación

  • SENACYT´s mission is to promote science and technology as tools for sustainable development and potentiate the scientific and technological development of Panama. SENACYT Works following the guidelines established in the National Plan of Science, Technology, and Innovation (PENCYT), which create a framework to develop programs and projects to overcome national challenges.

    To achieve its goals, SENACYT Works to:

    • Strengthen the science and technology system by supporting human capital development and science and technology activities 

    • Increase the amount of researchers and their scientific productivity 

    • Promote innovation as the key tool for competitiveness 

    • Develop programs to support STEM learning in schools

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Phone: (507) 517 0014 • E-mail address: • Website: • R+D Call for International Modalities: Milagro Mainieri • E-mail address: • International Scholarship Programs: Minerva Lara • E-mail address: • National Academics Programs: Jane Saldaña •    E-mail address:

  • Universidad Francisco Marroquín

  • Professors from Tulane University in New Orleans and Universidad Francisco Marroquin (UFM) in Guatemala combine efforts to teach three unique dual degree programs in business and law. These programs are: MBA, Master of Finance and the Master of Finance for Lawyers.

    Our programs last 15-16 months. Students receive classes in an intensive format on Friday and Saturday twice per month. Students attend classroom sessions in Panama, New Orleans and Guatemala. The programs include three trips: two to Tulane University in New Orleans and one to Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala. The CFA® Institute of the United States recognizes the Master of Finance Dual Degree program. Tulane University awards the Master of Management, the Master of Finance, and a Minor in Entrepreneurship.

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Phone: (507) 6443 1817 • E-mail address: • Website:

  • University of South Florida

  • The University of South Florida serves more than 48,000 students, including 2,100 international students from over 150 countries. Since 2006, the USF Health Panama Program at City of Knowledge has focused on the development of academic and research opportunities for over 1500 US Students and faculty in Panama and the region, while also building local capacity. The USF Health Panama program offers credit granting study abroad, academic field experiences, and research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students from its main campus in Tampa, and from other partner universities in the US.

    Faculty and students work on different topics such as: International women’s health, epidemiology, infectious diseases, nursing, global health, public health, social entrepreneurship, data analytics, international business, anthropology, humanities, marine sciences, environmental engineering, sustainable development, and mapping/GIS.

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Phone: (507) 317 1822 • E-mail adresses: International Programs - Cristienn Joudaane • College of Public Health -  Gladys Bernett • Facebook: USFHealthPanama • Website:

  • Inter American University of Puerto Rico

  • The Inter American University of Puerto Rico is a private, nonprofit higher education institution, consisting of eleven academic units: nine regular campuses, and two professional schools (Optometry School and Law School). Some of our academic programs are: nursing, biology, biotechnology, criminal justice, entrepreneurial development & management, psychology, environmental sciences, information technology, engineering, aeronautics, and tourism, amongst others. The institution sustains an enrollment of more than 40,000 students. The encouragement of the use of technology in teaching and learning processes, and the rise of non-traditional teaching methods, have stimulated the development of a strong distance education program. Furthermore, the Inter American University of Puerto Rico is expanding its global outreach by offering academic programs at the City of Knowledge in Panama City.

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Tatiana Colorado Aponte, International Affairs • Phone: (787) 766 1912 ext.: 2537, 2996  • Cell Phone: (787) 368 1399 E-mail address: • Website:

  • Florida State University

  • Florida State University Panama, founded in 1957, is a branch campus of Florida State University. Its campus is located in the City of Knowledge, a unique environment of academic and research institutions. FSU Panama’s academic program is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

    The University offers students from Latin America the opportunity to begin their studies in Panama and complete their majors at the main campus in Tallahassee with the advantage of paying in-state tuition. FSU Panama is also a study abroad destination for many US students who seek cultural enrichment while advancing in their academic path.

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Phone: (507) 317 0367 • E-mail address: • Facebook: • Instagram: @fsu_panama • Website:


Participants of the H2O Challenge, organized by the IE Business School of Spain