Knowledge in Panama

A unique personal growth experience in the heart of the Americas


KNOWLEDGE IN PANAMA is a consortium of public and private universities, nonprofit organizations and government institutions involved in higher education and research in the Republic of Panama. We bring to NAFSA an outstanding academic offer that, in addition to the country’s appeal, make Panama a great location for a unique personal growth experience.

From engineering to business and from language education to experiential learning, you will find in Panama a wide range of opportunities in traditional academic disciplines as well as areas in which the country has significant competitive advantages, such as water sciences and environment, merchant marine fleet management or research in tropical diseases.

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  • Why Panama?

    Because the Republic of Panama is an exceptional research location. It offers experiential learning opportunities in fields such as: engineering, public health, nursing, and biosciences, among many others. Here, students can generate knowledge and find innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. In addition to its strengths in logistics, banking, trade and tourism, Panama has become the main hub for humanitarian international organizations and NGOs in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its capital, “Central America’s audacious metropolis,” is a magnet for international talent and a center for education and research in niche fields, due to its prosperity, safety, cultural diversity and rich biodiversity.

  • Visitors will find a fantastic blend of urban life and nature, access to the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, and a year-round calendar of outdoor activities. Over 30 local universities and several foreign business schools create a dynamic academic landscape. Also, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute has been exploring the rainforest of Panama for over a century. Moreover, the Gorgas Memorial Research Institute, the Institute for Scientific Research and High Technology Services of Panama (INDICASAT), and the Water Center for the Humid Tropics of Latin America and the Caribbean (CATHALAC) are remarkable examples of the country’s growing R&D potential.

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Participating Institutions

  • Only a few minutes from downtown Panama city, and right across from the Canal, the 300 acres and over 200 buildings of the former Clayton military base have been transformed into the City of Knowledge, an innovative community that furthers social change through humanism, science and business.

  • It is a place where scientists, scholars and artists, as well as people from the business world, experts in government, NGOs, and international organizations come together to generate solutions for local and global problems, with a vision towards a prosperous, inclusive, democratic, and sustainable future.

    It has a resident community and also welcomes visitors. It offers a varied public program, designed for sharing knowledge, as well as cultural and community events that enrich the experience of life on campus.

    The City of Knowledge offers an environment of wellbeing for individuals and the community, promotes sustainable urban planning, and the conservation of its historic legacy, while endeavoring to become a laboratory for innovation in Panama and the world.


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 (507) 306 3700 • •

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the institution responsible for the foreign policy of the country and the management of all international cooperation; promotion of dialogue, mediation, human rights and peace. Throughout the Vice Ministry of Multilateral Affairs and Cooperation, it receives and promotes

    worldwide scholarships and internships from all countries, international organizations, universities and the private sector, in addition to those offered by Panama. We believe in Academic Mobility as a means to achieve intercultural understanding and the Sustainable Development Goals, (SDG).

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(507) 504 4178 • •

  • Columbus University

    Columbus University is a higher education institution founded in 1992 with branches in Panama, Azuero, Chiriquí, and Veraguas. It is made up of seven main academic units which oversee undergraduate and graduate degrees. The undergraduate colleges are: College of Science and Technology, College of

    Natural Science and Architecture, School of Law, School of Administration, and College of Medicine and Health Sciences. We offer degrees in business, human resources, higher education methodology, and education. We are a member of Compostela Group of Universities, AUPRICA, AUPPA and Panama National Council of Universities. Our management system and services are certified by ISO 9001 standards.

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(507) 204 1400 • •

  • Universidad del Istmo

    The Universidad del Istmo is among the leading universities in the Republic of Panama. It has eight Educational Centers, located in the provinces of the country and its main campus is located in Panama city. Students are benefited by the programs offered in Logistics Administration, Maritime Business,

    Administration and those studying in the faculties of Administrative and Financial Sciences, Education and Communication, Law and Political Sciences, and Engineering and Information Technology. The university is a virtual learning pioneer, sponsored by the Ilumno Network, an international network of prestigious institutions of higher education.

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(507) 227 8822 Ext: 1765 • Soledad Maquirriain - •

  • Technological University of Panama

    Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (UTP), created in 1981, is the main public institution of higher education in science, technology and engineering in Panama. It has an enrollment of 24,000 students. UTP comprises five colleges in engineering: civil, industrial, electrical, mechanical, computer science, and the school of science and technology.

  • It has five research centers: Experimental Center for Engineering (CEI), Hydrotechnical and Hydraulic Center (CIHH), Agroindustrial Center (CEPIA), Electrical, Mechanical and Industrial Innovation Center (CINEMI), Innovation in Information Technologies and Communications Center (CIDITIC).

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(507) 560 3201 • Aris Castillo de Valencia -

  • International Maritime University of Panama

The International Maritime University of Panama (Universidad Marítima Internacional de Panamá - UMIP) trains cadets to become merchant marine officers. We focus primarily on training seafarers specialized in the areas of maritime and port clusters, marine-coastal industry and regional and global merchant marine fleet management. UMIP is the only university focusing on preparing students for life and works through knowledge management and emphasis on leadership, discipline, responsibility, skills and values that enable the student to act successfully in the port and maritime industry and coastal marine world.

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(507) 520-0121 • •

  • Secretaría Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación

The National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT) is an institution whose mission is to promote science and technology as tools for sustainable development and potentiate the scientific and technological development of Panama. SENACYT articulates efforts to strengthen the science, technology and innovation system by supporting human capital development and STEAM activities. It also strengthens the capacity to develop research in Panama by working towards increasing the number of researchers and their scientific productivity, promotes innovation as an agent to achieve competitiveness and develops programs related to STEAM learning.

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  • Universidad Francisco Marroquín

Professors from Tulane University in New Orleans and Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala combine efforts to teach three dual degree programs in business and law. These programs are MBA, Master of Finance and Master of Finance for Lawyers. Students receive classes in an intensive format on Friday and Saturday twice per month. Students attend classroom sessions in Panama, New Orleans and Guatemala. The CFA Institute of the United States recognizes the Master of Finance Dual Degree Program. Tulane University awards the Master of Management, the Master of Finance and a Minor in Entrepreneurship.

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(507) 6443 1817 •

  • University of South Florida

  • The University of South Florida serves more than 48,000 students, including 2,100 international students. The USF Health Panama Program at City of Knowledge offers credit granting study abroad and research opportunities for international students and faculty in Panama, while also building local capacity.

    USF Health Panama offers experiential learning and research opportunities in areas such as: women’s health, epidemiology, nursing, global health, public health, social entrepreneurship, data analytics, international business, anthropology, humanities, marine sciences, environmental engineering, human rights, sustainable development and mapping/GIS. It also offers a new Peace Corps Fellows program.

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(507) 317 1822 • Gladys Bernett - • Facebook: USFHealthPanama •

  • Inter American University of Puerto Rico

Inter American University of Puerto Rico is a non-profit private higher education institution, consisting of nine campuses, two international centers (Florida and Panama) and a robust e-learning program. It offers undergraduate and graduate academic programs in computer science, biotechnology, aeronautics, engineering, and law, amongst many others. The institution is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education of the U.S. INTER Panama offers a unique Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Development of Videogames at its City of Knowledge branch. Additional programs associated with high demand careers will launch in the upcoming months.

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(507) 310 0912 • María De Lourdes Barrios - •

  • Florida State University

  • Founded in 1957, FSU Panama is a branch campus of Florida State University. It is located in the City of Knowledge, a unique environment of academic and research institutions. FSU Panama’s academic program is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). The University offers students from Latin America the opportunity to begin their studies in Panama and complete their majors at the main campus in Tallahassee with the advantage of paying in-state tuition. FSU Panama is also a study abroad destination for many US students who seek cultural enrichment while advancing in their academic path.

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(507) 317 0367 • Alonso De La Guardia - • Facebook: • Instagram: @fsu_panama •